Image of Audrey Mason at desk


Our founder Audrey is a cheerleader for joy. She created Happies Hour Club because she believes working on our happiness is as vital as taking care of our health. 

Officially, she's a coach with an ICF-accredited diploma in transformative coaching, and certifications in positive psychology, group coaching, mindfulness, breathwork and yoga. 

She's also a creative director, storyteller and trainer, and has developed global employee engagement programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Before Happies Hour Club, Audrey led her own creative agency and had a 20+ year career in the industry.

Audrey finds her Happies cycling in forests, learning piano, and walking her two happy Labradors. 

Image of Kyle MacRae outside


If you asked Kyle to come up with a coherent narrative for his eclectic career, he'd struggle. In his time, he has been a fashion designer, a technology journalist, a serial entrepreneur, a trainer, a creative all-rounder, a publisher, an agency owner, a coach, and an author.

As a trainer, Kyle has delivered high-level development programs for senior creative professionals, including field trips to Silicon Valley, and designed and delivered extensive training programs for global brands. With his personal project The Mental Cyclist, he coaches cyclists in accessible sports psychology.  

He finds his Happies playing guitar, cycling up hills, and trying (but failing) to win his local pub quiz.

Image of Kate Cameron at workshop


Kate brings the Happies to our workplace experiences with her sparkling blend of talent, humour and passion for helping people find joy through singing.

She's a professional musician, music teacher and the founder of KC Community Choir. She’s led professional choirs on productions such as Evita and ABBA Mania on Scotland's main stages. And she's had stints as a cocktail pianist, musical theatre teacher, and even a festive elf!

Kate holds a a BA in Commercial Music (with distinction), Grade 8 piano, and qualifications in Music Business, Music Performance and Musical Theatre. A skilled presenter, she uses performance to make our learning experiences inspiring, memorable and oh so more-ish.