Just say NO

confidence empowerment time management Aug 25, 2021

Today’s #happieschallenge is a powerful little practice that does wonders for your wellbeing. And it starts with saying NO.

That's ...





No can do.

En-Oh. (Say it aloud).

Or any other synonym of your choosing. You can even add a swear word, if it’s that kinda day, e.g. No F*!ing Way.

Here's your challenge...

 Grab your to-do list or calendar, or go rummaging around that part of your brain where you file all your tasks and activities. Now, find ONE THING that you are doing in the next couple of days that you either:

  • Really don’t HAVE to do
  • Really don’t WANT to do
  • Are only doing because you think you SHOULD or because SOMEONE ELSE thinks you should

(WARNING: You might have to think hard about this, especially if you run your life at a gazillion miles an hour. Or do stuff on autopilot. Or are a bit of a people pleaser. Or if your ONE THING involves saying ‘no’ to someone else.)

My latest 'No' list 

To give you a little inspiration, here’s a list of what I’ve said ‘no’ to in the last few days, together with my reasons why:

  1. Posting on this page on my daughter’s birthday …not because I don’t love you but because I wanted to relax and enjoy the day fully without being rushed or stressed
  2. A pre-booked filming session…because I wasn’t prepared and gave myself permission to take more time
  3. Notifications on two work-related WhatsApp groups …because I want to control when work pings arrive and not be distracted
  4. Plastic gifts for my daughter’s birthday…because climate emergency
  5. Taking on a new client…because I didn’t think my service was a good fit for her needs
  6. A meeting which was ‘optional’…because have you seen the weather in Glasgow this week?!

Now, depending on what – and who – you chose to say ‘no’ to, you might feel relieved, guilty, empowered, naughty, happy or even uncomfortable. Whatever you’re feeling, stay with it for a while and remind yourself that saying ‘no’ is a perfectly valid option. That you have a say about how you spend your time and energy.

 Then think about how else you might spend the time doing something – or nothing – for YOU. Read a book, have a bath, go for a walk or do anything that makes you happy. You’ve earned it!

 Once you’ve mastered this powerful little practice, REPEAT. I promise that you’ll reap the benefits…and that the world won’t stop turning.  

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