FEEL your way into the day. I promise your mind will thank you for it.

feel goals intention mindset Aug 10, 2021


Today I’d like to offer you a quick and simple overwhelm-busting, stress-beating challenge.

I promise it’s going to take you LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES. And I’ll throw in a little wager to make it exciting. I bet that your mind – and possibly the people you live / work with – will thank you for it!

Up for it? Great! Here’s what I’d like you to do:

So, you know when you get up and you’re brushing your teeth and wiping all those little toothpaste specks off the mirror (how DO they get up there!?) and making sure the toast doesn't burn and fluffing the cushions and trying to find child A's homework.. and your mind's racing thinking about ALL the things on ALL the lists that you’ve got to get through today. And you start to feel that little panicky feeling rising in your chest …and you’ve barely had a sip of your tea yet. Well, starting tomorrow, I challenge you NOT to do begin your day like this. 

Do this instead...

As soon as you’re awake enough to think (and preferably with a cup of tea in hand), I want you to ask yourself one simple question:

"How do I want to FEEL today?"

That’s right. Before you start 'doing', I want you to set the mindset that will help you get the best from the day ahead. For example, do you want to feel calm and relaxed? Do you need to feel determined and focused? Would you like to feel patient and compassionate? Do you want to feel kickass and strong?

Choose up to 3 words that best represent how you'd like to feel throughout this new day. Say them out loud and try to really feel the intention behind each word as you say it. 

Respond Vs React

By taking 5 minutes to consciously choose your emotional state, you'll find it easier to stay centred throughout the day. You'll be able to respond to what is going on around you from a more grounded place, rather than simply reacting with whatever emotion your mind throws at you. 

Now, let's be clear - this isn't about masking difficult feelings by pretending everything is OK if it's really not. If you are experiencing depression, overwhelming anxiety or intense stress, it's important to deal with the underlying causes, perhaps with professional support.

But if you regularly find yourself thinking about the next task before you're even done with the one you're on, or if you often end the day feeling exhausted, depleted and cranky, read on. Because this little practice is a powerful way to create space, check in with your emotional state and remind yourself that YOU have a say in how your day is going to go.

Ask yourself: What do I need? 

What's more, this exercise is also an opportunity to ask yourself what YOU need from the day. Often, we spend so much time taking care of everyone else's needs that we forget to consider our own. 

Let me share my example from my morning check-in today:

So, I didn't have the best sleep last night and feel a little tired. Now, I know that when I'm tired, I can be really hard on myself and impatient with others. I also know that I have a lot of new stuff to learn today and some admin to take care of (the kind that involves long waits on automated telephone systems listening to irritating hold music). So today, I chose these three 'Feel' words:

Compassionate - so I remember not to be too hard on myself.

Patient - so I'm more patient with myself, the people around me, and the poor guy who picks up the phone when I've been on hold for 45 minutes trying to sort the admin. 

Open - so I can tell the people around me that I'm tired and ask for help, rather than pretending everything is OK and / or being a martyr then getting even more tired because I've done everything myself.

Once I've chosen my words, I'll come back to them throughout the day. In fact I pop them on a sticky on my Mac so they are always front of mind. 


Taking it a step further - add actions

This 5-minute check-in also gets me thinking about what activities or actions I need to bring into my day (or ditch) to help me get the best from it. So because I'm tired today, I cancelled my spin class and will go for a swim and a walk instead. I'll squeeze in a 10-minute yoga nidra after lunch, so I'm recharged for the afternoon. I've also moved some tasks that I know are going to frustrate me to another day. In a nutshell, I'll bring in anything that I know will nourish me and let go of anything that's going to deplete my energy. 

Now, I know making practical changes to every day isn't always possible. But even changing one LITTLE thing can have a MASSIVE impact on how your day goes.

So go on - why not give it a go? And if you do, I'd love to hear how it goes! 

Thanks for reading




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