confidence mindset positive psychology reframing Feb 20, 2022

Last week, I was preparing for a meeting with a potential new client. I was planning my pitch for a brand new product. And because I really want to work with this client (and because everything I’m doing right now feels new) the nerves kicked in.

Before I knew it, my monkey mind was running the script about a meeting that was still two days away…

“There’s so much at stake with this pitch. I really want to work with this client so why the hell am I pitching a new product? I should wait until my pitch is perfect. I need more creds to show. What if I blow it?”

Yep, this was going to be a nerve-racking meeting.

Or was it?

I mean the meeting could be nerve-racking. It might be daunting, embarrassing or even mildly terrifying! But what if it turned out to be an amazing meeting? The most exciting, inspiring, rewarding meeting ever?

And what might happen if told my naughty little monkey mind to run that script instead?

Well, it looked something like this:

There’s so much at stake to gain with this pitch conversation. I really want to work with this client person so that’s why I am pitching a offering them the opportunity to see my brand new product first. I should  can’t wait! until my pitch is perfect and I need have more  enough creds. to show. What if I blow it! smash it?

Sometimes we unconsciously run away with every thought or worry. When you remember you can change the script - or do your own ING - it can help you take on anything. 

Reframing in this way is very empowering. Especially if you’re worried about a future event. Or replaying a past event that didn’t go to plan.

You can see situations in lots of new ways. It becomes easier to recognise positives. And to view life experiences as opportunities to be seized, rather than problems to be avoided.

Did I get the gig? Time will tell. Did I have an amazing conversation? Absolutely yes! By reframing, I was able to let go of my nerves and see the meeting from a new perspective. One that left me feeling confident, energised and ready to give it my best.

What’s coming up for you this week? What situation could you reframe to gain a more helpful perspective?

I'd love to hear how it goes. 


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