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I coach purpose-driven people to work out what they really, really want... and then go make it happen. 

You can think of me as a professional life-rebooter. A champion of change. A cheerleader for joy. 

Officially, I'm a coach with an ICF-accredited diploma in transformational coaching, plus certifications in group coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness and yoga. I'm also an ex-creative agency owner with a 20+ year career as an award-winning copywriter. So I know my way around the corporate world too.

Helping people to live fearlessly happy is my 'thing' because I think happiness is the most important thing of all. 

Nothing makes me happier that using my skills and experience to help you find the clarity, courage and confidence to unleash your brilliance and make a big YOU-shaped mark on the world.


I talk a lot about 'Big Gulp' moments. Those times in life when you follow your heart and dive headfirst into the beautiful unknown. 

My Big Gulp moments have taken me on a journey from a small Scottish seaside town to the suburbs of Sydney, to the bright lights of London and to the beautiful beaches of India. 

They've helped me build a fulfilling career as an award-winning copywriter and establish my own successful creative agency.

The Big Gulp moment that led me to founding Happies Hour Club was inspired by a monster named Sully. You might know him. 

On a tour of the Pixar studios in San Francisco, I met an incredibly talented animator. He lit up as he talked about his creations with passion, energy and joy. 

Leaving the studios, I paused to have my picture taken with Sully. I knew at that moment that I needed to create something that made me truly joyful... and brought others joy too. I took a big gulp, decided to close my business, and do the thing I loved - help people see their brilliance so they could live happy. 

So, that's me. What about you?


I believe in happy. I believe in brilliance. I believe that we all have something amazing and unique to offer the world. And that when you find THAT thing – your thing – life changes in the most beautiful way.

It's easy to forget the life you wanted to live and settle for the life you are living. It's easy to get stuck in the daily grind, or get dazzled by the glamour, and forget to go chase YOUR secret dreams. But you know what's just as easy? Starting. 

Start today. Let's have a call about how I can help you. 

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