Make happy happen.  

Happiness coaching and mental fitness training, served up with a big sprinkling of joy. 


Make happy happen.  

Happiness coaching and mental fitness training, served up with a big sprinkling of joy. 

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Flex your happy muscle.

That’s your mind, by the way.  We help you keep it in tip-top shape, so you feel happier, more energised, and can handle life’s bumpy bits better.

We teach science-backed, habits-based happiness skills.

We geek out on positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience and more to bring you powerful practices that keep your mind happy, healthy, and fit AF.

Mental fitness is like burpees for your mind. 

Keeping mentally fit can help you avoid stress, anxiety, burnout and even depression. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes to switch on your skills.

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Happiness is not a luxury.

It's a necessity, especially in challenging times. The world needs more happy people. Because when we feel happy we're kinder, more resilient, and have more to give.

Happiness is a skill that can be learned. 

When we talk about happiness, we don't mean jumping for joy or grinning from ear to ear. We mean having lots of little moments where you experience feel-good emotions. Like joy, hope, serenity, love, pride, curiosity, appreciation and inspiration... you get the idea. 

We call these moments 'Happies'.

We won't experience these moments all the time because that's not how life is. But you only need short bursts of Happies to switch your brain to a more positive state. And the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Just like burpees!

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For people who want to create positive change and would like personalised support. Get creative about what a happy, authentic, fulfilled and successful life looks like for you. Then make it happen. 

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For leaders who want to build happy, connected, energised teams. Create a happier workplace culture where people feel appreciated and bring their brilliance to the team. Drive engagement, boost business success. 


Our happy clients say...

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"Audrey delivered a fantastic workshop as part of our team immersion week. It was high energy, engaging and packed with actionable tips and techniques. The content was highly relevant for creative agencies and the feedback from the team was great. There was a lot of laughing with the learning which helps make it memorable. A brilliant way to bring people together to learn stuff that ultimately makes life better! "

~Claire Doherty, People & Culture Advisor, MadeBrave

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"Happies Hour Club delivered a fantastic session for Muckle Media. Full of energy and enthusiasm which set the tone for our team day. We were very impressed by Audrey and Kate’s energy and approach to delivering a workshop. It was unlike anything we’d experienced before! There was a great mix of theory and doing, plus time to work together as a team to discuss important issues. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Happies Hour Club and hope to welcome them back to visit us again very soon."

~Nathalie Agnew, MD, Muckle Media